Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Wedding

Having a wedding in Hawaii is simply astounding. The beautiful sunset, serene beaches, exotic flowers and traditional wedding music makes it the ultimate wedding locale. Once you have decided to get hitched on Hawaii, you want to make the moment as memorable as possible. Here are a few tips you can use to make your wedding the one everyone talks about.

  • Opt for lightweight fabrics and styles

Lightweight fabrics and styles are easy to wear and will help in dealing with the heat. Grooms can wear a beige suit or crisp seersucker or ivory linen. They can also forget about the suit altogether and opt to wear a white linen or cotton shirt with khaki trousers.

Brides can wear gowns with airy materials such as linen, cotton, crepe, charmeuse, and chiffon to name a few.

  • Favor casual chic clothing for bridesmaids and groomsmen

Hawaii weddings can look fantastic even in casual chic attire. The bridesmaids can wear dresses that are at calf-length or above-the-knee in tropical colors such as mango, turquoise, or magenta. Groomsmen can wear linen or khaki trousers with a classic floral print shirt in blue or beige.

  • Give flip-flops to the guests for beach ceremony

It isn’t easy for anyone to walk on the beach wearing high-heels and formal shoes. If your wedding ceremony is on the beach, you can place flip-flops around in baskets so that your guests can slip into them. It will make it easier for them to go to their seats and they don’t have to worry about their footwear getting damaged. If you have a lot of guests, party rental will be able to help you out.

  • Keep jewelry to a minimum

If you plan on getting married on the beach, try to keep jewelry to a minimum. Having a few sparkles and crystals on the waist or neckline will look beautiful as they reflect the sunlight. However, if you wear a lot of jewelry, your guests can get blinded by the light and your pictures won’t look good.

  • Use local flowers

Create bouquets using flowers that are found in Hawaii as they are abundant, fragrant, and vibrant. They also add an authentic touch to your Hawaii wedding. To find out about which flowers are available, get in touch with the wedding planner or visit nearby party rentals.

  • Avoid layering the makeup

The humidity and bright sunlight don’t go with heavy makeup. Try to keep the makeup for your wedding as minimal as possible. Your wedding pictures will come out great and you won’t have to constantly think about whether your makeup is still in place. If you want to beat the heat, you can always opt for tent rentals.

With these simple tips, you will have the wedding of your lifetime in Hawaii. 

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