Event Bar

About This Project

Event Bar are an important part of an event even if no alcohol is being served. Its usually where the crowd gathers, so make sure you’ve got enough room around the bar for people to mill about. We at Rio Event Design offer state of the art portable Event Bar rental for every occasion.

From weddings and formal corporate events, to poolside parties, our portable bars will wow your guests time and time again.  Nothing spells casual and fun like our Modern Bar selection. Whether you are throwing a get-together, a wedding reception, or a birthday party, our fully equipped selection Modern Bar can make it a special one! Known for its simple design and maximum functionality, this product can add sparkle to any of your events and cater to a large number of guests at a time. Apart from being an easy table for the bartender to work with, the Modern Bar is a strong and elegant option. This product is roughly 75” in length and 42” in height. The LED lights attached to the Modern Bar are changeable and we can customize it to choose any color scheme you decide for your event. The Modern Bar is equipped with a spacious bar and storage space to cater to large groups.

Customized bars for events are a must for any event, even if there is no alcohol being served. A customized bar adds class to an event and provides a central meeting point for the attendees. At Rio Event Design, we offer portable, custom bars that are perfect for all kinds of events.

From weddings to corporate events, bars make a great decorative element and provide a space for social interaction. Our modern bar selection will wow everyone with its sleek build and easy functionality. The design makes it enticing for both staff and attendees. A good bar can turn a boring event into a thrilling one as guests begin to mingle. Our custom bars come with attached and changeable lights that can be effortlessly transformed from daytime to night. We also create bars depending on the expected number of guests.

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